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On The Moscow Metro


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The world’s second most heavily used subway system features beautifully designed stations with ornate, classically influenced architecture. Opened in 1935, the Moscow Metro sees nearly 7 million passengers pass through its 185 stations each day.


Right now I’m trusting wholly on God. It feels amazing. 

I can’t afford the plane ticket, but God can. It’s amazing how the money is coming together and how quickly. This morning, I needed $600. Right now, I have $25.10 with the promise of $130 more. That’s $155.10 more than I had this morning all for the purpose that God has set before me.

In June I’ll be attending a conference to talk about new ways to bring medical relief to God’s people: the destitute, the destroyed, the hopeless people of this world who just need a little medical attention and God’s word. I’m so excited about this business trip for Jesus.

It’s also funny to me that, in so many ways, my job has always been my “Jesus job” as Joey once called it. 

God is amazing!

Permalink if anyone knows where i can get one of these, let me know. i need one. 

I Heard “be my hands” followed by “be my feet”. Oh, dang. Well, life is an adventure.


I’m having a hard time with reputations right now. What is there to do, say, when someone else’s actions because legally attributed to your reputation? What do you do when you’ve talked to this person about their addiction but all they do is make excuses, only to have it turned around on you?

I feel like this is something we’ve gone over a thousand times in this house. We’ve had arguments about it, we’ve had discussions. There’s been sneaky methods of trying to prevent this continuance, we’ve had open talks. It’s been years and now it’s gotten to the point where it’s now my legal responsibility.

I didn’t know this was still going on until yesterday. Now I have to hide all sorts of things to keep the situation from getting worse for me, and the other person involved won’t even admit to it.

I want to smash things or take a nap. I wish my name weren’t smeared this way. I’m not even sure how long this has been going onto my account.

I’m pissed off and so tired all at once. There’s no retrieving my lost good name at this point, something I so utterly despise about the internet. Once something is out there in cyber space, someone good enough can always find it. 


I’m feelin’ that traveling bug.


Frank O’Hara

I'm going to New York!
(what a lark! what a song!)
where the tough Rocky's eaves
hit the sea. Where th'Acro-
polis is functional, the trains
that run and shout! the books
that have trousers and sleeves!

I'm going to New York!
(quel voyage! jamais plus!)
far from Ypsilanti and Flint!
where Goodman rules the Empire
and the sunlight's eschato-
logy upon the wizard's bridges
and the galleries of print!

I'm going to New York!
(to my friends! mes semblables!)
I suppose I'll walk back West.
But for now I'm gone forever!
the city's hung with flashlights! 
the Ferry's unbuttoning its vest!  
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